Presentation Options

Kiosk offers a number of options that are designed for use in a non-interactive environment, such as using Kiosk as a standalone, unattended marketing display.

Presentation Mode

The Enable Presentation Mode option disables all browser interface controls, including the toolbar and tabs, and hides the mouse cursor from the screen to ensure a 100% distraction free, border to border presentation of your content.

Automatically Refresh Page Contents

By enabling this option and specifying a time value, all open pages will automatically be reloaded on the interval specified.

Automatically Cycle Through Open Tabs

This option will cause Kiosk to change tabs on the specified interval. When used with Presentation Mode, this will give the effect of automatic content changes without any visible tab bar showing on the screen.

Automatically Load Pages on Startup

Designed to be used in combination with the above settings, Kiosk will automatically load each URL specified in the list into a new tab. The loaded tabs can then be automatically cycled and refreshed as desired.

This option may also be used independently of the other presentation features, in which case the browser will simply automatically open new tabs to each of the configured sites on startup.

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