Release Notes

    • New
      • Kiosk now supports integrations to allow external applications to control the browser.
      • Support for Kiosk Sync remote management service to simplify management of multiple installations.
      • Added error reporting functionality to anonymously report errors and crashes.
      • Restored ability to search from search field in toolbar.
    • Fixed
      • The automatic refresh feature now works correctly in all cases; previously pages would not be refreshed if multiple pages were not loaded.
    • New
      • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts - Easily specify the keyboard shortcut used to exit the browser view. Optionally disable standard application shortcuts, such as Command + Q, while the browser is open.
      • Enhanced Security & Content Controls - Configure a password that must be entered before the browser can be closed. Sessions can be automatically cleared after a configurable delay, automatically resetting the browser when left idle.
      • Local File Support & Automatic File Change Detection
      • Immersive & Powerful UI Control - Give users a full screen web browser, or hide all UI elements and use Kiosk as an immersive full screen experience with your custom web applications.
      • Presentation Mode - Designed for use where user interaction is not needed, Presentation Mode allows you to disable browser interface elements, such as the mouse cursor, toolbars & tabs. Perfect for use in informational kiosks or marketing displays.
      • Display Detection - Kiosk automatically detects the characteristics of any monitors connected to your Mac. You can configure the browser to start on the main display, a specific display, or automatically enable mirroring across all displays while the browser is active.
      • Screen detection logic redesigned to eliminate alignment problems and grey bars experienced by users on certain hardware configurations.
    • Fixed
      • Resolved issue causing crashes when running Kiosk on Snow Leopard.
      • Fixed minor display issues with the toolbar if the browser window is closed and reopened multiple times in the same session.
    • New
      • Introducing Tabbed Browsing Support
      • Links which request new windows will automatically launch in a new tab, rather than replacing the current page.
      • Tabs can be opened and closed using on-screen controls as well as standard keyboard shortcuts.
      • Tab bar can be configured to remain visible at all times.
      • For environments where tabbed browsing is not desirable, the feature can easily be disabled with a single checkbox in the preferences.
      • Website Filtering - Easily block websites that you don't want users to access.
      • Ability to specify a list of either whitelisted or blacklisted domains.
      • Several bugfixes relating to toolbar and address bar behavior.
    • New
      • Support for common keyboard shortcuts, such as Select All, Copy and Paste.
      • Links designed to open in a new window will now replace the current page, rather than silently do nothing.
      • Address bar is now correctly updated with the address of the current page when following links or being redirected.
    • New
      • Initial Release.